The much-discussed quilt top on display at the Tavern, taken September 2021.
I didn’t get a picture of my essay puzzle pieces, but I did take this picture one late night in Combs as I tried to get some work done while waiting on folks to pick up their Ghostwalk costumes, taken October 2021.
A screenshot of the PowerPoint I used to document the paper templates on the back of the quilt top, taken December 2021.
A screenshot of my experiment in “mean fabric dating,” taken December 2021.
The “Anna Ruggles Quilt,” from the image gallery for the International Quilt Museum’s exhibition, Elegant Geometry.
Dr. Ducey sent me this picture of a drafting set used in the Elegant Geometry exhibition to help demonstrate the importance of an education in applied mathematics to quilt making, courtesy the International Quilt Museum
That pesky teal, photographed November 2021.
My own edition of the American Quilt Study Group’s publication, because of course I became a member, photographed December 2021.
The fancy machine ground print used as the ground of the quilt top, featuring the rusty red “madder” pigment, photographed October 2021.

Kelly Pedigo

Historic Preservation, Class of 2022

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