Week 15: Assembling a Narrative

This is the longest paper I have ever written for a class, and I found it difficult to organize a semester’s worth of thoughts in an orderly, logical manner. I read several scholarly articles on quilts to help get a feel for how others have formatted their work. It was tricky to decide who to write for. Many papers published by quilt experts for other quilt expers don’t bother with explaining basic terminology or even how they came to some conclusions in their fabric analyses. But this paper is for a course and for a museum, not a quilt publication, so I plan to include clarification. I also plan to use Chicago style and include an abstract, bibliography, and appendices, but for my first draft, I just focused on getting all the necessary information on paper.

One of my favorite ways to organize long papers is to write down key ideas and bullet points on scraps of paper and arrange them into an order that flows nicely. This lets me move bits around and decide where pieces of information fit best without having to copy and paste tiny bits of a document. There were many, many scraps, and this process allowed me to see the whole picture, where I would have had to scroll through pages on a computer.



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